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About Carpet Dust

Carpet dust along with all our products are hand made in Scotland. Simply shake this highly scented dust throughout the carpets in your home and let the magic happen. Leave the dust on your carpet for 30 minutes letting the dust neutralise any odours then hoover it up, leaving your carpets and home smelling of your chosen fragrance. 

  • Our products are not tested on animals. 


About Fragrance

Tropical Indonesian Clove brings a spicy warm richness when blended with praline. Damask rose is the heart of this fragrance, and its roses are hand picked and distilled before sunrise when the scent is at its most exquisite. It’s floral, spicy and honey scent intertwines with oud and its dark, rich and resinous accents bringing depth to this fragrance and leaving a beautiful impression.


Fragrance Notes

Top: Clove, Praline

Mid: Damsak Rose

Base: Oud

The top note is the initial impression of the fragrance, middle note is the heart of the scent and base is its lasting impression.

Velvet Rose & Oud Carpet Dust

  • Weight




    Diameter: 77mm

    Height: 144mm

  • Applying Carpet Dust.

    1. Remove children, pets and animals for room which application is taking place.
    2. Simply tare the seal on the cap. 
    3. Shake carpet dust over carpet. 
    4. Leave for 30 minutes.
    5. Hoover up carpet dust.